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 Interview Final Result upto 03-01-2016


Selected Candidates : result updated date 03-01-15 (SAT)
Sr. No. Candiate Name  Father's name                     D.O.B.
1 Raveen Singh jitender Singh 14-FEB-1992
2 Ekta Singh  Ravi SINGH 02-JULY-89
3 Sanoj RANA Pravesh Rana 02-MAY-92
4 Swati Sharma Name not mentioned 02-May-92
5 Satender chauhan L.S. Chauhan 10-July-91
6 Deepti Rawat Kuslpal Rawat 10-Dec-92

Note:To ensure a hassle-free joining at Techsan, you are requested to complete the following activities / Mark statements from Class-X onwards. Mark statements for all semesters Consolidated Degree mark statement. bring the following documents: Please carry your resume, along with 2 passport size photos, with ID proof.
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